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Choosing a kitchen installation company

How to choose a kitchen installation company

choose a kitchen specialist
You’ve spent weeks choosing the design and layout for your kitchen. You’ve taken the same amount of time to decide on materials, finishes, accessories and appliances. You have the full technical drawings, a detailed itemisation of everything you’ve purchased and you’ve been told that the kitchen will be delivered within the next couple of weeks. All that’s left to do is source an installation service. But just where do you start?

Identifying the right company

Identifying a kitchen specialist that has the skills to install your kitchen to the highest standard of workmanship and for a fair price can be problematic. You’ve made very deliberate design decisions and it’s imperative that the quality of the fit is equal to the quality of the design otherwise you’ll be left feeling dissatisfied with the whole kitchen refurbishment project.

You will have an easier time finding the right kitchen installation company if you have an informed idea of what you should be looking for.

Jack of all trades Vs a master of one

There are many carpenters and handymen who will claim that they can fit your kitchen to a professional standard. It may even be the case that some of them really can. But kitchen fitting is a specific skill, not simply a hobby or side business. Do you really want to entrust your kitchen installation to someone who might be able to measure and cut, but who’s spent the last few weeks, putting up garden fences or laying driveways?

A firm that doesn’t work with kitchens day in and day out is unlikely to have the in depth skill and technical knowledge needed to successfully fit your kitchen. Remember, each kitchen installation will have its own challenges and quirks, it’s essential that you choose a firm of kitchen specialists with intricate installation knowledge.

Remember, you’ve likely spent a significant amount of money on your new kitchen, and you really deserve the expertise and precision that only a dedicated kitchen installer can offer.

Price Vs value

Naturally we all want to get the best price possible when making purchases, the feeling of having paid over the odds can leave a bad taste in our mouth. However there comes a point when value and quality has to take precedence over price.

Choosing a kitchen installation company because they provided the cheapest quote is rarely ever the right decision and can often end up being a false economy. At the time you may feel that you have secured a bargain, but you could find that further down the line you have to spend again on your kitchen. Why? Because units, cabinets, worktops and flooring were not fit correctly initially and now require repairs, or even worse, complete replacement.

A kitchen that has been fit to the highest standard will last for several years without you experiencing issues. Consider kitchen quotations carefully, it may be the case the company which doesn’t provide the lowest price actually offers the most value.

Legitimate business or here today and gone tomorrow?

In this internet age it’s easy for anybody to create a website and portray themselves as running a legitimate business. The truth is however that many handymen and builders don’t actually run genuine bonafide businesses. Many are in actual fact casual labourers drifting from one building site to another and with no real expertise in kitchen installation.

The problem is that because they are not genuine businesses they simply don’t care about providing quality workmanship or customer service. They simply have nothing to lose. They may say that their work comes with a guarantee but the truth is that any contract they signed with you with is likely not worth the paper it’s written on. If you are not happy with the work they produce then there’s no real recourse to remedy for you.

You could attempt to find them but these sorts of business that are run “on the side” or as hobbies will never have a physical address on their website. You’ll also find that they don’t answer their (mobile) phones. In short, you could end up severely out of pocket with only a poorly fit kitchen to show for it.

When you make your decision to hire a kitchen installation firm do make sure they are a real legitimate business run by real experienced kitchen fitters. This way you can be sure that if problems do occur you have recourse to an equitable remedy and that the guarantee provided is honoured.

A safe kitchen that’s fit for purpose

The installation of a kitchen isn’t only about units, cabinets, flooring and worktops. Consideration needs to be given to utilities such as electricity, water and gas. A professional kitchen fitting firm should be able to coordinate all aspects of your kitchen installation including the installation or alteration of the aforementioned utilities.

Anybody who handles gas appliances must be gas safe registered. Equally, anybody who deals with electrics and circuitry must also be properly qualified with industry recognised level 3 qualifications. When making your kitchen installation enquiry be sure to ask them whether they’re fitters are fully accredited professionals. By using only qualified kitchen fitters you can be sure that your kitchen is not only expertly fitted but that it is also safe for you and your family.

Hopefully this guide has helped to give you a much clearer idea about how to choose the kitchen installation firm that’s right for you. Ultimately you need safe and professional fitters who care about customer service and take pride in their work. Take your time and choose the company that has the right attitude and the right credentials.

If you need a kitchen installed in the London area then we’d be only too happy to arrange a site visit and discuss the installation with you. Alternatively you can provide us with the plans and itemisation of what needs to be installed by email and we can then provide you with a quote.

All installation work comes with a full 24 month guarantee so there’s no need to hesitate, get in touch with us now.