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Do you really need a kitchen fitter

Do you really need a kitchen fitter?

do you really need a kitchen fitter
Here at TM Kitchen Fitters we take great pride in providing high quality and affordable kitchen installation services to the people of London.

If you are generally a DIY enthusiast then you may think that you don’t need expert fitters, you may believe that you have the skills necessary to carry out an installation yourself.

Kitchen specialists with a 24 month guarantee

Remember, our kitchen work comes with a 24 month guarantee, so in the unlikely event that there were any problems in the following 24 months we’ll happily resolve them free of charge. If you decide to install a kitchen yourself and have problems later, you do not have access to much recourse if the fault is with the fitting and not the manufacturer.

Your beautiful (and expensive) new kitchen deserves expert attention

The cost of a new kitchen in the UK is £8,500 on average. That figure goes up to around £10,500 when you focus just on London. With these figures in mind it’s clear that the careful and precise installation of your (expensive) kitchen should be a priority. So why settle for a DIY job when a skilled kitchen installation company like us can offer you high quality fitting services at a competitive price?

It is true that you don’t need formal qualification to undertake kitchen installations in the way that you need formal qualifications to build a loft conversion or repair a boiler. But even so, the installation of a kitchen does call for specialist skills in many instances, and these may not be skills that you possess.

It can take up to 7 skills to fit a kitchen

Let’s look at the role of a kitchen fitter and the specialist trades involved in the professional and high quality installation of a kitchen.

Carpentry / Joinery

Carpenters and joiners are masters of wood. A carpenter will build, create, install and repair almost anything made from wood or wood combined with other materials. The trade of carpentry is very precise and of course very hands on. Our joiners are able to produce cabinets and other types of furniture and do so with skill.

There are various types of carpentry including a Rough Carpenter, a Joister, a Framer and a Roofer. Whilst some carpenters operate within 1 or 2 types of carpentry, others in the profession may prefer to be more broad based in terms of the types of work they will undertake.

Our carpenters are skilled craftsmen and during a kitchen fit they will install base units, cabinets and cupboards, cutting and fitting worktops and lay new (wooden) flooring as required.


Do you need to alter the plumbing for your kitchen? Perhaps modifications are needed due to the installation of an island where you plan to house the sink. This kind of pluming work should be left to a professional as one mistake could be costly.

A qualified plumber will have the know how to open floors or walls where the alteration of pipework or additional pipework may be required. This will ensure your kitchen has the plumbing arrangement necessary to meet your needs.

Yes, you could watch online videos to “educate” yourself, but do you want to take that kind of risk with your home?

Gas installation

It is well known that the handling and installation of gas appliances can only be carried out legally by gas safe registered individuals. Handling gas appliances without the technical understanding required could be a very dangerous endeavour. There are some well documented stories of what can go wrong when unqualified persons attempt to handle gas appliances. Needless to say that even if you do plan to carry out most of the kitchen installation yourself, handling gas appliances should always be outsourced to professional and qualified individuals.

When we install your kitchen, any plumbers that are required during the work will be gas safe registered and fully qualified.

Electricals and lighting

Will you be having an electric hob and oven? Are you planning on altering the lighting in your kitchen? Maybe you want to include a variety of low level and high level lighting. Perhaps you want zonal lighting and dimmers. If you want to create a specific ambience by using a range of lighting designs then an electrician will be required.

Just like gas fitting and plumbing, the handling of electrics and circuitry can be dangerous and should only be carried out by suitably qualified persons.

Other skills

Many kitchen installations are very expansive and require plastering, new flooring, tiling and general decoration. Whilst you may feel competent in these areas it’s important not to lose sight of the main reason why you wanted a new kitchen in the first – to update tired aesthetics and improving functionality. By installing a kitchen yourself you may possibly improve functionality, but will you get the high end professional finish that you desire?

Of course not all kitchen refit projects will require the use of all the above referenced skills. Some projects may only call for 2 or 3, but it is worth pointing out that trying to do a DIY job without a high competency level can cause you more problems than it solves.

When you choose us to fit your new kitchen you can be sure that it will be installed with care and precision. We also provide project management from start to completion so you can spend your time doing other things. Contact us now to discuss your kitchen installation needs.