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Kitchen flooring ideas

Kitchen Flooring Ideas

kitchen flooring ideas london
One of the many decisions to make when having your kitchen refitted is what type of flooring to opt for. Many people don’t understand the various types of flooring and how they can enhance or detract from the style and functionality of their new kitchen.

Kitchen floors take a beating!

If you have a busy household then the floor in your kitchen may have to withstand heavy traffic. This is especially true if like in many homes your kitchen is the main focal point of you home and thus used as an office, hang out space and social area. Even if there are only one or two occupants in your home, you still want to ensure that your kitchen floor is long lasting and robust.

As expert kitchen fitters you can be sure that we can help you through the decision making process regarding all aspects of your kitchen, and this of course includes helping you choose the right flooring for you.

Flooring ideas

As part of our home design consultation we’ll ask you some questions about flooring to help generate some kitchen flooring ideas and help you make a suitable flooring selection. Examples of questions include:
• Do you have a preference for materials which are natural or materials which are manmade?
• Would you to have underfloor heating in your kitchen?
• Do you like flooring which has one main colour, or flooring which may feature different patterns and contrasts?

Our design consultations are comprehensive and once we have established an understanding of your preferences we can go through some options with you in detail.

Notwithstanding the above, for those of you who simply want an easy to digest overview of kitchen flooring, we have put together a guide on some of the most common kitchen flooring options.

Kitchen laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is designed to have a very close resemblance to real wood and depending on the quality of laminate purchased it can create a very authentic wood plank appearance.

Some people may think that laminate kitchen flooring is a “cheap” type of flooring which nobody would opt for if they could afford something else. This is however far from the truth. It is true that laminate flooring wood not be considered a luxury flooring type, but whilst it is cost effective (which is a plus point for many people) it still has great style qualities. Further, as referenced above, high quality laminate can look just like real wood.

If you want to make sure that the laminate flooring you purchase looks like real wood as much as possible then be sure to purchase laminate flooring which features bevelled edges. Additionally, you would want laminate flooring which forms a “v” like shape between the planks.

Pros and Cons

• Robust and durable – many laminates come with a guarantee in excess of 15 years so provides lots of peace of mind for you
• Provides the appearance of wood but without the higher price tag.
• Resistant to scuffs and liquid and can withstand high levels of traffic over a prolonged period.
• Very cost effective so makes a great flooring type if you are on more of a budget.
• does not require the same level of maintenance and care that a real wood floor would require.

• Unlike real wood, laminate cannot simply be refinished or touched up if it starts to wear – in such a case you’ll have to replace the whole floor.
• Does not have the same smoothness as real wood.

Kitchen vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is one of the most, if not the most frequently used kitchen flooring materials. And the reason for this is very simple, it can be one of the most low costing flooring types (more inexpensive than laminate) and it is very durable. The warm and “bouncy” feel you get when walking on a vinyl floor is due to one of its key properties – the ability to bounce back and regain its shape quickly.

Vinyl used to suffer from being very narrow in terms of the patterns and styles available, so if used for your kitchen you could not always get the look that you were seeking. These days vinyl comes in a range of styles, sophisticated designs and trendy finishes. You can purchase vinyl that resembles stone, tile, wood and more. This makes vinyl worth considering when deciding on a floor material which enhances your kitchen aesthetic.

Pros and Cons

• Very inexpensive which can be very useful if you need flooring for a large area or are working with a more limited budget.
• Easy to clean and maintain.
• Imitates the look of a variety of flooring materials so lots of options available.
• Durable and scuff resistant.

• Can stain easily if spillages are not cleaned up promptly.
• Sharp objects can tear vinyl and high heels can cause indentations on it.
• Normally comes to the end of its useful life after around 5 or 6 years.

Kitchen wooden flooring

A mainstay of traditional kitchens and country kitchens, the solid wood floor is as elegant and today as it has always been. Real solid wood flooring is not cheap and does require regular maintenance, but the payoff is that a wooden floor can last for decades and is perfect for high traffic areas like a kitchen.

Choose maple or oak wood for a classic look or opt for pine if you want to achieve a slightly worn or rugged effect. Best practice is to treat the wood with a polyurethane sealer to make caring for your hardwood flooring easier.

Pros and Cons

• Very long lasting and durable – properly cared for wooden flooring can last for many decades.
• If treated with polyurethane the floor can be maintained more easily.
• Wooden floors are always in fashion so there’s no “keeping up with the Joneses” required.

• Wood can be slippery and so accidents can occur.
• Susceptible to scratches and scuffs so will require periodic refinishing.
• If liquids manage to penetrate through the boards warping can occur.

Kitchen floor tiles

Ceramic floor tiles are often the default option for so many homeowners who are installing new flooring or refurbishing their kitchen as a whole. This is because of how well tiles combine full customisation with long term durability.

Ceramic kitchen floor tiles are available for budgets of all sizes and tastes of all kinds. Given the almost endless variety of colours and patterns available it’s not difficult to combine a set of tiles to create your own look. Are you seeking ambience of a contemporary kitchen, or a shaker kitchen? There are tiles available to make that happen.

Pros and Cons

• A huge variety of colours and patterns to choose from as well as the ability to combine different sets of tiles and create your own look.
• Very durable and highly resistant to spillages and wear and tear.
• Easy to maintain and care for.
• Low cost so accessible to those on all budgets.

• If opting for smooth tiles without any texture be aware that they can be slippery and so accidents can occur.
• Tiles are cold and hard so can be uncomfortable to walk or stand on for long periods.
• Tiles may crack over time so having a supply of spare tiles is advisable.

There are lots of other kitchen flooring types available on the market, the above information is an overview on the most commonly used flooring materials. When you book your free design visit we will, as mentioned above, go through all relevant options with you. After all, we want to help you achieve a kitchen that you’ll love.

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