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kitchen styles

Kitchen styles

kitchen styles
Just as clothing and music have styles, trends and fashions so do kitchens. And just like the aforementioned industries, in the world of kitchens there is a style for just about every taste. Whether it’s a twist on an existing style, a kitchen that has been designed for you as your own bespoke kitchen creation, or whether you enjoy the current designs with no inclination to “fix what isn’t broken”.

Kitchen designers and manufacturers have been creating kitchens to meet the desires and tastes of the nation since, well the beginning of the formal kitchen. And since that time there have been some styles that have endured and remained with us up to present day.

As we are based in London we are contacted by lots of cosmopolitan individuals with varying desires and needs, often they are looking for kitchen layout advice and styling advice. Whilst nothing can beat the personalised advice we provide to you during a home consultation visit, we’ve put together a short guide to kitchen styles to help give you inspiration.

Alternatively, if you are based in London then simply contact us right now to book your free design consultation; we’d be only too pleased to meet with you face to face.

Traditional Kitchens

traditional kitchen styles
Traditional kitchens offer you a style and elegance that’s timeless. If you want a kitchen today that will still have all its appeal and elegance in 10 years time then a traditional style kitchen could be for you. Kitchens of a traditional nature have characteristics which range from the 18th century through to the early 20th century influences.

If you want a well designed traditional kitchen you should be seeking features such as:

Materials that are natural in nature such as wood and stone.
• Doors made from walnut and mahogany.
• Lots of intricate and detailed designs in respect of the trimming and ornamentation.
• Fixtures and fitting that are of an antique appearance.
• Hand painted cabinets, cupboards and drawers.

Traditional – Victorian

Victorian style kitchens are known for their sophistication and grandeur. Characteristics include cathedral arched doors and ornate trim. Other characteristics include the use of dark coloured woods for cupboards.

Traditional – Georgian

The Georgian era covers a 116 year period between 1714 and 1830. Architecture of this time was very symmetrical and embellished with decorative moldings. If you want to give your traditional kitchen a Georgian feel then seek out cherry and walnut woods for storage cabinets. Ask for symmetrical shapes and square panel doors. Black coloured décor and features would also be in keeping with a Georgian feel.

Country Kitchens

Like a traditional kitchen, the country style kitchen has something of a timeless feel to it. A country kitchen has a warm “homely” feel although it is not at all short on design detail or style. Although called a country kitchen they are of course not exclusive to homes in the countryside and can often be found in large out of town homes and properties in suburban parts of London and other big cities.

Country kitchens are better suited to large homes as characteristics of a country kitchen include lots of space for cooking and mingling. If you are seeking a kitchen with a country ambience to it then you should seek features such as:

• Painted cupboards and wooden handles on cabinets.
• Wine racks and storage spaces made from pine or oak.
• A larder as a feature piece with lots of space for storing foodstuffs.
• A butler sink with worktops made from wood or granite.
• A large island which is normally used for additional seating

Contemporary Kitchens

kitchen styles contemporary
If you’re looking for a kitchen that combines cutting edge style with functionality then a contemporary kitchen could meet those needs. Contemporary kitchens are very often the focal point of a home being that they are often one of a kind and built to be looked at, enjoyed and envied! A contemporary kitchen is in many ways similar to what may be referred to as a designer kitchen. The design of a contemporary kitchen is informed very much by the owner’s sense of style as well as the latest smart kitchen gadgets and appliances. Thus a contemporary kitchen makes a strong statement about the owner and their personality.

Contemporary kitchens offer clean lines and are often minimalistic and geometric looking in appearance. Intricate design details and trim are missing from contemporary kitchens and suit those with post-modern inclinations.

If you want to achieve a contemporary kitchen then you will need a very experienced kitchen designer, something we have here at TM Kitchen Fitters. You should be seeking out the following features:

• More man made materials than natural materials such as stainless steel, laminate, lacquer, chrome and PVC.
• Frosted glass used as inserts and also combined with other material to create cabinet doors.
• High gloss finishes and metallic accents.
• A clinical and precise feel to the kitchen.
• Bold colours for base units and cupboards including a mix of dark and light to create contrasts.

Shaker Kitchens

kitchen styles shaker
Shaker kitchens have become more and more popular in recent times and it’s probably a term you’ve heard of but never really understood. More than likely it’s probably a style of kitchen you’ve seen and liked but not known that it was indeed a shaker kitchen.

You may be surprised to learn that shaker kitchens originate from a religious society based in North America. The shakers believed in simple living and plain aesthetics, they avoided anything that they deemed to be “showy” or pretentious. Shakers created their own furniture and as you might have guessed; their philosophy of simple and plain aesthetics informed their craftsmanship.

Shaker kitchens can be either traditional or modern in appearance. They are also are known for their simplicity, versatility and functionality. If you’re attracted to the idea of a shaker kitchen then seek out these features:

• Quality craftsmanship that looks great without the use of elaborate additions.
• Flat panelled doors which come in natural or lighter coloured wood.
• High durability of construction and functional designs.
• Units and drawers made from hickory, maple and oak.
• Worktops that are square edged and made from solid wood, granite or limestone.

Remember that along with deciding on a style of kitchen you need to give significant consideration to its layout as that could well inform the style of kitchen you opt for.

When you call on us to help you achieve your dream kitchen we will be on hand every step of the way, drawing on our specialist knowledge and experience to ensure you attain a kitchen that you love. Contact us now to discuss your kitchen requirements.